How Has the Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin, GASP, Been Working For Me?

I’ve been using GASP for a year now: here’s what I think.

How to Schedule a WordPress Post to Appear Later

If you’re planning to be away, perhaps on vacation, you can automate the process of publishing new posts to your blog or website.

How To Keep Your Google AdSense Code On Only Your Own Websites

If your ads display on a website that violates Google’s policy, you will be banned from AdSense. Protect where your ads are displayed by following these directions.

Where Did My Ads Go? I Want to See My Google AdSense Ads!

I was checking whether I liked a new format for an AdSense ad when suddenly I realized I couldn’t see any of my ads anymore. What happened? How could I get my ads back to check my layout?

Thanks for the Great Customer Service, GoDaddy!

GoDaddy wins!

When Will I Get My AdSense Payment?

It took months for me to reach the payment threshold to receive payment by electronic fund transfer from Google. One question that brightened my waiting time was wondering when exactly would get the payment from AdSense. AdSense Must Review Youraaa

How to Add Your Bank Account Information to Your AdSense Account for Canadian Banks

AdSense asks you to enter your Bank Code and Branch Code, but what are they?

Add a Contact Us Email Form with the Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin to Your WordPress Site

Instructions for how to download, install, personalize and use Fast Secure Contact Form to create an email contact form on your website or blog.

How to Add Google Analytics to your WordPress Site

Instructions for adding Analytics to your site so you know where your visitors are coming from and what pages they are looking at.

Add FeedBurner Feedsmith Extend to your RSS Feed for WordPress

How to add the Feedsmith Extend plugin and how to troubleshoot it if it doesn’t appear to work.

How to Set up a FeedBurner Account to Improve your RSS Feeds

How to set how many posts are in your RSS feed, whether the feed is a summary or the full text, and how to set up FeedBurner to manage your feeds.

How to Decide if a Comment is Spam

How a simple trick can help identify spam that’s masquerading as a real comment.

The Importance of Having Comments on Your Blog: 5 Reasons for Comments

Why you should have a Comments feature on your blog: and why you’ll want to!

Which Site Are my AdSense Clicks Coming From?

Instructions for checking which of your websites are getting clicks on their ads.

Create a WordPress Child Theme style.css File

Instructions for making a child theme style.css file for use with WordPress twentyeleven.

Creating a Page of Post Titles and Excerpts for a Specified Category and Tag in WordPress TwentyEleven

Instructions and code for making a page that lists all of the post titles and excerpts for posts in one specific category and for one specific tag.

Changing the Size, Colour and Case of the H3 Headings in TwentyEleven for WordPress

Instructions for changing the colour, font size and case of the titles in the h3 heading class in the twentyeleven theme.

How to Change the Title Font for Widgets in WordPress TwentyEleven Including the Color, Size and Case

Instructions for changing the color, size and case of the font used for Widget Titles.

Using AdSense Ads to Decide What Visitors Are Clicking on Links

Why I set up mutliple AdSense ads with the same format but different names.

How to Add a Link Within a Page in a WordPress Site

How to use HTML to make a quick link within a webpage or blog post.

GASP Really Works to Reduce Robot Spam: and It’s Free!

GASP is working well and the price is right.

Adding the Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin, gasp, to Your WordPress Site or Blog Comments Section

Instructions for downloading, customizing and installing a FREE antispam plugin called GASP.

How To Register for

Instructions for joining

3 Formats for Adding Comments to a PHP File

If you modify your PHP files in a child theme, you should probably add some comments to the files to explain what changes you made and why. There are three ways you can add comments to the PHP file. Theseaaa

Making Ads for Products on to Show On Your Website or Blog

Instructions for creating text and image ads for products available for sale on

How to Join Amazon and Make Money Advertising Amazon Products on Your Website or Blog

How to apply for an Amazon Affiliate account and tips of things to know first.

Using the Text Widget to Place Advertisements in the Sidebar of a WordPress Site

Instructions for making an ad in your site’s sidebar.

Creating a Google AdSense Account

What to do before applying for an AdSense account and instructions for how to apply.

Creating Skyscraper Text Ads Using AdSense

Instructions for creating a tall ad with links and descriptions using AdSense.

Creating Sidebar Text Link Unit Ads Using AdSense

Instructions for creating an AdSense ad that just has text links with no descriptions.

Changing the Colour of the Text in Your WordPress Post

Instructions for changing the colour of text within a post.

Updating the Functions.php file to Remove the Continue Reading Link from Post Excerpts

If you’ve wandered around, you’ll know that I have some specialized category pages. These pages are set up to list the Title of a post and its excerpt. In the original code, there would have been a “Continue Reading”aaa

Updating the Functions.php file to Add Sidebars to Posts

Instructions for how to add a sidebar to posts in the twentyeleven WordPress theme.

Changing the Footer.php file to Add a Copyright Notice and Text Links to Other Pages

Instructions for adding text links and a copyright notice to the footer for a WordPress twentyeleven site.

Changing the Footer.php file to Remove Proudly Powered by WordPress

Instructions for how to get rid of the phrase “Proudly Powered by WordPress.”

Changing the Content.php file to Update the Please Leave a Reply Phrase

Instructions for changing Leave a Reply to another phrase such as Izit Cool, Dude?

Changing the Comments.php file to Add an Invitation to Comment

How to change the text in the Add a Comment box.

Creating a Customized 404 Not Found Page for WordPress TwentyEleven

Instructions on how to change the message on the 404 page and remove unwanted displays.

Making a Child Theme Directory for the WordPress TwentyEleven Theme on HostGator

How and why to make a child directory before modifying a WordPress theme.

How to Use Webmail to Access your HostGator-based Website Email

Instructions for accessing your HostGator mail from any computer with internet access.

How to Backup Your WordPress Theme and Uploads on a HostGator Site

In addition to backing up your SQL Database of Posts and comments, you should back up your WordPress theme and your uploads (such as images) on a regular basis. I like to back up these files once a week. Ifaaa

How to Backup Your WordPress Databases of Comments and Posts

Instructions for downloading SQL database files from HostGator to your computer.

Set the Color of the Extra Space Around Your Site and the Background Image for your TwentyEleven WordPress Site

Details on how to make the extra screen around your WordPress site white or another colour.

Set the Link Colour and Location of Sidebars for the TwentyEleven WordPress Theme

Details on how to position the sidebar on the right or left side of the screen and how to customize the colour of links on the site.

Customizing the Widgets on your WordPress TwentyEleven Theme Blog

How to add and remove widgets from your sidebars and footer.

Set the Text Color, Link Colour and Location of Sidebars for the TwentyEleven WordPress Theme

Details on how to position the sidebar on the right or left side of the screen, and how to customize the colour of links on the site.

Create a Menu for the Navigation Bar for the TwentyEleven WordPress Theme

Details on how to customize a menu for the navigation bar for the TwentyEleven theme, including how to link to a specific post and how to edit the name of a link to a static page.

Adjusting the Privacy Settings for a New WordPress Blog

How to request Google not catalogue your WordPress site.

Adjusting the Media Settings for a New WordPress Blog

The optimimum settings for Media for a WordPress site.

Adjusting the Discussion Settings for a New WordPress Blog

Suggestions for managing how visitors will write and view comments for your WordPress blog.

Adjusting the Reading Settings for a New WordPress Blog

How to optimize the settings in the Reading section for a WordPress blog.

Adjusting the Writing Settings for a New WordPress Blog

How and why to select various Writing Settings for a new WordPress blog using TwentyEleven.

Adjusting the General Settings for a New WordPress Blog

Suggestions of which General Settings to change for a new WordPress blog.

The Power of Permalinks and How to Set Strong Ones

How and why to set Permalinks to optimize search engine results and user satisfaction.

How to Create a WordPress Header Image Including Text Using Photoshop Elements

Instructions to create a WordPress image with text to post at the top of each blog post.

4 Key Steps Before You Create a Header Image for your WordPress Blog or Website

Before creating a Header Image you need to decide on fonts, colours and images by following these steps.

Create an Editor User for Regular Blogging with WordPress

For security reasons, it’s a good idea to create an Editor userid for your blog. This post tells you how.

How to Upload WordPress and Install It on Your Domain

How to upload and install the free WordPress software on your own domain using FileZilla.

Preparing to Install a WordPress Blog by Creating a SQL Database

How to create a SQL database on HostGator.

Setting Nameservers for a Domain at GoDaddy

Instructions for how to set the nameservers on GoDaddy for a HostGator domain.

Adding a Domain to Your HostGator Account

Instructions for adding another domain to a HostGator account.

How to Create an Email Address Using HostGator

Instructions for creating an email account for a HostGator domain using CPanel.

Create Custom Error Pages for a HostGator Site or Blog

Explains with sample html code how to create customized error pages for 404 and other errors for sites hosted on HostGator.

Why I Started Blogging and Why You Might Want to Blog

What is a blog and why people want one.

5 Key Tips to Protect Your Good Name on the Net

Protect your investment of time and money building name as a reliable blog or website by taking these 5 simple steps to protect against identity theft.

5 Key Reasons Why Picking GoDaddy to Register A Domain Name Works

Picking GoDaddy to register a domain name is worth it because of price, reliability, longevity and more.

7 Key Reasons Why Picking HostGator to Host A Website and Blog Works

Picking HostGator to host a website and blogs is worth it because of price, customer service, reliability, longevity and more.