How to Add Your Bank Account Information to Your AdSense Account for Canadian Banks

This is how I linked my AdSense account to my Canadian bank account.

I was rather nervous when I started this process as there are a few worrying posts online about failures to connect. Fortunately all went smoothly, if slowly, for me.

What Do You Need to Enter Your Canadian Bank Account on AdSense?

AdSense asks you

  • Bank Account Holder Name
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Code
  • Branch Code

Generally, AdSense only makes deposits successfully to chequing accounts. So if possible, try to connect it to a chequing account.

The Bank Account Holder Name must be the SAME as what your bank thinks the name of the account holder is.
For example, I looked at my ING Direct chequing account monthly e-Statement. It was addressed to: Mrs. Bet N. Crooks
That’s exactly what I typed on the Bank Account Holder Name box on the AdSense screen. I did not type out my full middle name. I did include the Mrs.
Did I have to do that? I don’t know. But it worked.

The Bank Account Number is the exact same bank account number that shows on my screen when I go into online banking and look at my chequing account. I entered the number as one long number with no spaces or hyphens. For ING Direct, this is a 10 digit number.

The Bank Code for ING Direct in Canada (as of July 2013) is: 0614
ING Direct calls this number the Institution Number. It’s the number AdSense wants.
Note: I added the 0 in front of the 614 to make it the required number of digits and it worked.

The Branch Code for ING Direct in Canada (as of July 2013) is: 00152
ING Direct calls this number the Transit/Branch No. It’s the number AdSense wants.

How Can I Get the Bank Code and Branch Code for My Canadian Bank for AdSense?

To get the Bank Code for a Canadian Bank

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to: Canadian transit number
  3. Find the 3 digit number for your bank.
    For example, ING Direct Canada is 614.
  4. To create your Bank Code put a zero before this number.
    So for ING Direct it is: 0614.

I cannot test the following numbers.

Please check with your bank if  you are not sure what’s correct.

But it looks like the Bank Codes should be:
BMO 0001
BNS 0002
RBC 0003
TD 0004
CIBC 0010

To get the Branch Code for a Canadian Bank

The Branch Code is your bank account’s transit number. It’s on your cheques before your bank account number. Your bank will often use a 4-digit number when describing the transit number, but if you look on the cheque it should be a 5-digit number usually starting with 0.

Screen Capture of Corner of ING Direct Cheque

You can see on this ING Direct cheque that the transit number or branch code is 00152.

You can also see the transit number is 614 which means the bank code is 0614.

How Long Does It Take to Receive the Test Deposit from AdSense?

I submitted the information to AdSense on Saturday July 27.

Almost immediately, I received an email from AdSense stating:

“We see that you’ve added Bank account …999 as a form of payment for your Google AdSense account. Before we can start transferring funds automatically to your account, you will need to verify it by following the steps below:
1.    Review your bank account transactions for a small deposit from Google (note that it can take 2-3 days for the deposit to show up in your account).
2.    Record the exact amount of the deposit.
3.    Sign in to your AdSense account at
4.    Click on “Payments” under Home tab, and then “Payment settings”.
5.    Locate your bank account and click ‘Verify test deposit’.
6.    Enter the exact amount of the test deposit and click ‘Verify deposit’.
Once your account has been verified, future payments will be deposited directly to your bank account.
The Google AdSense Team”

I checked my ING Direct account balance each day. On the morning of Wednesday July 31, the deposit was listed.

So for me, it took 5 days for the deposit to show up in my account.

The Transaction Description was: EFT From Google Inc.

The Transaction Date was July 31.

How to Verify the Test Deposit from AdSense

On the morning of Wednesday July 31 the deposit was listed on the transaction history for my bank account.

Here’s how to verify your deposit:

  1. Go to:
  2. To Sign In
    1. In the Email field, type the email address you use for your AdSense account.
    2. In the Password field, type your password.
    3. Click on the Sign In button.
  3. Under the Home tab, click on Payments.
  4. Under Payments, click on Payment Settings.
  5. Under the Bank Account …### (Selected(Pending)) phrase, click on the link called Verify test deposit.
  6. In the Enter deposit amount box, type the amount that Google deposited in your account. (Note the currency named beside the box.)
  7. Click on the Submit button.
  8. If all goes properly, the red warning will be removed and the Payment Settings screen will now list
    Bank Account …### (Selected)
  9. Click on the Sign Out link.

Now when you crack that $100 verified earnings barrier and wait till the next payment cycle, you’ll receive your first payment!

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Have you added your bank account to your AdSense account? Please share any quirks or tips with a comment.

10 thoughts on “How to Add Your Bank Account Information to Your AdSense Account for Canadian Banks

  1. Im trying to add my bank account to Google adsence. Its being extremely difficult. It keeps telling me that all the information im putting in is wrong.

    • Sorry to hear it! Are you trying to connect to a chequing account? If so, most of the information is on the bottom of your cheque, except the Bank Code.

      As I said in the article, most of the Canadian “Bank Codes” are listed on Wikipedia as a “Canadian transit number.” Usually you have to put a zero in front of the number listed on Wikipedia.

      The Branch Code should be on your cheque.
      The Bank Account Number should be on your cheque.

      I’d phone my bank to double check what they have listed as the “Bank Account Holder Name.” It’s possible they are using a prefix like Mr or Mrs or that they are using a middle initial or a full middle name, even though you don’t use it when banking. (What’s on your cheques is not always the same as what they have listed for the account.)

      I hope it goes through soon for you!

  2. Hello,
    I am so sorry to bother you but i need some help and thought you might be able to help out also because i am also Canadian.
    So i have a youtube channel where i used to upload vidoes for fun until youtube gave me ads on my videos on it’s own thus i decided to earn some money through that and monetize my videos. My videos are monetized and my google adsense account is approved and linked to my channel. So when i go to payments there is no in my adsense account there is no ‘add bank account’ tabs. So i am confused if i missed out on any steps and if so how do i link my bank account to my google adsense account. I have tried to read various instructions online but it’s all very confusing. If you would help me out i would be very thankful.
    Than You
    Faria Nuzhat

    • I’m not sure how far along your new AdSense account is. You won’t be able to link your bank account until you’ve reached the minimum payment selection threshold which I believe is currently $10. (You won’t actually receive a payment until a month after your cumulative earnings reach $100.)
      The steps that are taken are listed at:

      I hope this will help a bit.

  3. hello,
    can have a question. can i link my cooperative bank account to google adsense account. my bank name is shamrao vitthal cooperative bank, plz guide me. thanks.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t work for Google so I do not know whether you can do this or not. I only know what I did to link my Canadian real bank account to my Google account so that I could get paid.

      I hope you can find out what you need to know directly from Google.

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